Saturday, 14 June 2014

Trail Troupers Walk: June 21st at 10am

This Saturday we present you with...

"Forest Fun!" That's right; Trail Troupers has decided to focus this walk on teaching "fun" facts about the forest. We will be learning a wide range of information, from the foams produced by Spit Bugs to a plant nicknamed Moustache and Beard, to exciting games like squirrel tag and bird's nest. We have designed all the activities to fit 5-10 year-old children, but all is welcome!

Please meet us at 33rd Avenue and Camosun Street at 10am sharp on June 21st for a morning full of fun. If you are interested in attending the walk or for more info, please email us at .

PS- Did you know?? Spittle Bugs use plant juice to produce foamy material. Scientists are still debating the reason for the behaviour, but it is common notion that the foam hides them from predators' eyes. Also, some research has been done to show that they prefer humid environment for growth and survival. After all, nothing is more humid than a bath of bubbles all around you!

Cheers to Nature,
Sheida Naderi-Azad

Director, Trail Troupers Program

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