Thursday, 8 May 2014

Recap. on April's Walk

The April walk was particularly interesting this time around. We did a variety of activities, including determining the diversity of colours in the forest, collaborating on a group art project, and pulling on the inspiration of the forest by doing some poetry and drawing. This was the first walk where we used art, rather than science alone, to stimulate some different styles of learning within the group. We hope that we have sparked curiosity about the forest in a new way.

 This month's leader Kassandra Yau took a few photos during the walk:

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming walk.

Sheida Naderi-Azad

Director, Trail Troupers Program

Trail Troupers Walk: May 17th at 10am

Last month we had a very exciting walk where we looked at the park from an "artsy" perspective as opposed to our usual scientific outlook. Unfortunately, many parents were not able to locate the trail and were unable to attend. That is why we have decided to lead another walk with a similar theme.

Are you interested in teaching your children about nature? Would you like to attend a Family Event for FREE on a weekend? Trail Troupers is hosting its next nature walk on May17th at the intersection of 16th Avenue and Acadia Road. Meet us at 10am for a fun hour-long walk. This walk is intended for families with children aged 3-12 years old.

Here's the map in case you cannot find us!

Take a look at our poster with more information:

Dress warm, bring your kids, and be prepared to learn about discovering the park. For more information or to be added to our Parent Mailing List, email us at . You may also check out our blog at for monthly updates.

See you soon,
Sheida Naderi-Azad
Director, Trail Troupers Program