Monday, 14 April 2014

Trail Troupers Walk on Saturday Apr. 19th at 10am


Trail Troupers' next nature walk will be held on the upcoming Saturday (Apr. 19th, 2014) at 10am. This walk will be particularly interesting since we will be using art, rather than science alone, to stimulate different learning styles within the group. We will talk about forest litter and decomposition and will make a collaborative group art project by the end of the walk.

This month's leader is Kassandra Yau from Prince of Wales Secondary School. We hope to spark curiosity about the forest in a different way in this walk! We would love to see old and new faces so please make some time to attend the walk.

Take a look at the poster below for more information:

Sheida Naderi-Azad
Director, Trail Troupers Program


  1. Hi. I can't find where Acadia Road and 16th Ave intersect on the map. Is there another address for the meeting location?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. second try: I've been exploring this, and have contacted the event organizers. They need to confirm, but it looks like they mean the Douglas Fir trailhead on the South side of 16th more or less opposite Hampton Place.


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