Sunday, 9 June 2013

Access to further postcards...

Hello all...
Not many people are checking in on these postcards, so I will not continue posting them on the blog, and leave the blog for actual event updates.  If indeed you wish to receive postcards by email on a weekly basis until Snowberry the mouse is found (later this summer) please contact me as the webmaster (bottom of home page of

A pdf booklet of of all the postcards, plus photos of the animals the squirrel encounters will eventually be made available.

Postcard 6 from Hazel the Squirrel

Hi friends,

I think owl is wise, so I listened to her advice and asked someone who lives on the ground.  But it didn't work.  At least it didn't work yet.  I saw a garter snake on the ground in a grassy area, sunning itself.  So I went down and talked to it.  I was really polite, but you know what the snake did?  It just slithered away through the grass and didn't answer me at all.  "That's not very nice", I thought.

But later on, when I thought about it for a bit I remembered that most snakes aren't talking animals.  I think that snake just didn't understand me.  Besides it might have been a little scared to see a squirrel right up close.  I'm going to look for some other animal who lives on the ground.

Nuts to you!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Postcard 5 from Hazel the squirrel

Hi friends,

You know something funny?  I've always been afraid of owl, but I knew she was wise, so I got up my courage and went to ask her.  I hid in a sword fern, just in case.  Owl was very sleepy, but she laughed when she saw me hiding.  "Don't you know I only hunt in the night, or when its just getting dark? You're a day animal."  

I thought whew, that means I don't need to be afraid of her any more. Then I thought about Snowberry, because mice are mostly night animals.  But before I could say anything else Owl kind of chuckled and said "Besides, I don't eat talking animals".   "Oh, " I said, "then have you seen Snowberry?"  She nodded wisely and said, "No, not recently.  But you should ask someone who lives on the ground."  

Why do you think she suggested that?
Am I going nuts?