Sunday, 9 June 2013

Postcard 6 from Hazel the Squirrel

Hi friends,

I think owl is wise, so I listened to her advice and asked someone who lives on the ground.  But it didn't work.  At least it didn't work yet.  I saw a garter snake on the ground in a grassy area, sunning itself.  So I went down and talked to it.  I was really polite, but you know what the snake did?  It just slithered away through the grass and didn't answer me at all.  "That's not very nice", I thought.

But later on, when I thought about it for a bit I remembered that most snakes aren't talking animals.  I think that snake just didn't understand me.  Besides it might have been a little scared to see a squirrel right up close.  I'm going to look for some other animal who lives on the ground.

Nuts to you!

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