Monday, 6 May 2013

My name is Hazel

Hello everyone,

Here is the first postcard from the squirrel.  
The winning name, based on the panel of Early Childhood Educators, is Hazel.
Runner up names were Butterscotch, Chestnut, Ginger, and Puffy-tail.


Here is what Hazel told me:

I think Hazel is a perfect name for me because I love hazelnuts!  There aren't very many hazel trees in the park, but I know where to find some.  There's no nuts now, they won't be ready till the fall.  

I have been looking for my friend Snowberry, but haven't seen the mouse yet.  I'll keep looking and I'll ask my friend Pille to send you photos of where I've been.  

Nuts to you!

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